How to Post an Effective Classified Ads in India

As we all know that classified ads posting is one of the most important element to grow business or services online which offers company or individual to post free classified ads in india or worldwide. Its an absolutely free tool to drive a massive traffic at our business and boost revenue online.

According to many online sources Classified Ads also improves online SEO for website or blog, but do you know how it would be an effective and what should take care of while posting free classified ads? Here in this article we are giving you some good tips on how to post an effective classified ads in India.

There are many factors works in classified ad posting. Some of the best main important points we are giving here.


post free classified ads in india

how to post an effective classified ads in India.


1. Ad Title
Ad title is a very important and effective factor in classified ads as its showing main heading about your business or service you provide. It will be also use automatically in SEO friendly URL in website where you posted your classified ad. Your posted ad URL will become something like This is called SEO friendly URL which is very very important for Search Engine Optimization. So be careful while choose your ad title. Ad title should be short and impressive with contains your main keyword.


2. Ad Description
Here in this field you need to describe your service or business or product. Description should be impressive and eye catchy. If people don’t like your description than why they contact your for their need? So be careful while describing your service. Write as much as a little things you provide. Show your main criteria, describe why they should contact you for your service. Tell them how will you satisfy them. For better SEO focus on your main keywords and highlight it by making BOLDSTRONG and DIFFERENT FONTS. Use Headings in keywords. Link to your URL. Every little things you should take care while Posting Classified Ads. Create your own video and showcase services you provide, upload it to YouTube or other social media, copy embed code and put it in your description. It helps people to better understanding about your Ad.


3. Ad Images
Make a neat clean graphical image for your listing. It will help a lot to attract people. Sometimes people used to contact just because of Good Impressive Image. creativity on your listing title, description and image make people necessitate to contact you.


4. Location
Put your exact location so local people can found you easily. Also it will Boost Your Local SEO in Google Search.


Above is the main factors which can be focus while Post Free Classified Ads in India to get better result. It will definitely help you to boost online marketing that can be turn into massive income. There are some other optional factors also in classifieds ads like choosing right category, showing price, additional images etc. But its worth if you focus only main factors.


OK so put yourself completely in online marketing by post free classified ads and make huge money.


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